Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's in your hand.

Alright peeps, i'm gonna update my dance video and lotsa pichassss on the Halloween's party last week. BUT, not now because now i'm gonna update something that is considered as more important and meaningful (not to say my performance is not important! xD)

Day after day, we see our environment being polluted. Day after day, open burning, cars and buses release worrying amounts of noxious fumes into the air that we breathe, abundance of non-biodegradable waste. The government has announced the need to recycle, and recycling facilities are now provided, but how many of us actually take the trouble to use them???

We all know about the severity of the problems. Have you ever have the urge to save our earth whenever you encounter some campaigns about to go green or products that are taking part in saving the enviroment?
Honestly, i do. I even thought of buying a recycle bag to go class but failed. LOL.

Therefore, what can we do as a student?
One hand cannot clap alone. Helping to preserve our environment, we need to work it out hand in hand. 

And here's the chance for the all of us to put a little bit effort in helping our lovely land.

Yellue! is the campaign which is currently happening in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman organised by a group of Public Relations students.
Yellue, the word derived from the combination of yellow and blue.
Yellow + blue = green (I love the name) =p.
The idea behind this name is that it is possible to achieve the purpose of saving our mother earth if everyone comes together with one vision.

Yellue! will be launched on 10 November 2010, Wednesday at 10a.m. at the UTAR Perak campus cafeteria in Block C. 

Yellue! is hoped to actively Engage UTAR students through strategic experiential activities - Yellue! Hunt and mini competitions such as costume-designing with recycled materials.

To leverage on social media, two other competitions will be held simultaneously which are creative blogging and creative video-making that spreads the message of individual responsibility for a greener tomorrow. By engaging them through fun learning Experience, it is hoped that this message will be ingrained in students’ minds and they will continue to Spread and advocate the green message.

The highlight event will be the Yellue! Hunt where UTAR students get to experience active and fun education about saving the environment. During the Yellue! Hunt, participants takes on the role as ambassadors by wearing the green message on their Yellue! t-shirt and carrying recycled message boards during the entire course of the hunt.

The day will be ended with a prize-giving ceremony for winners of the Yellue! Hunt and the mini competitions. A 10 minutes interview session with Ms. Kong Pooi Ling and a photo taking session will take place after the prize giving session. Sounds fun?

It is unlike any other campaigns that are just to attend and listen to some talks about how and what should we do to preserve the environment. We can have fun together yet able to save the earth! =D
Have some fun and most importantly to learn.
Interested? Come and join us on 10th Nov, the more people the more merrier!
For more information, click here.

Go yellue!

See you guys there!


Thursday, October 28, 2010


I want FOOD!!!

I want GOOD FOOD!!!! >.<

Nothing that i want to eat is available here!!!! OMG..
Save me! Save me! Save me!!!!!  SOS
Take me away, go for good food,for ATLEAST! ONE DAY!


I'm craving for food again!!!!!!

Gonna perform tonight,wish me luck peeps!
I will get the video and post it here! ♥

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super late post!

I'm sorry! >.<
I was seriously trying to update but I ended up late again!
Lotsa things happened, happy, sad and frustrating, but life isn't permanent right?
I want to thank my housemates for helping me when i was in trouble and taking care of me when i was sick for the past 2 weeks! Seriously, i LOVE you guys!

Alright, so here it is the post about I went to Strawberry Moment in ipoh with Charmaine and Kiang (like ages ago,but nvm =p).
Boredom kills,especially when you are in kampar.
The weather is killing too! >.<

Saki: I feel like going to ipoh.
Kiang: I'm ok one ah.
Saki: I have lotsa time but i don't have money. *giggles*
Charmaine: *giggles*
Saki: *said to kiang* Lend me money ok?
Kiang: Okay....
Saki: Alright, 2.30 pm depart!
(This is to show the power of words!) xD

LOL. With kiang's 'Okay', no more hesitation! HAHA.
Love her sooooo much! *hugs


Charmaine and I were actually planning to visit there last semester when it just opened. And now 



That's all about it.
We were seriously too bored, terrible. LOL

Life is back to busy now, 2 performances are coming.
One on next Thursday, Halloween party.
Another one on 8th Nov, some PR campaign in campus (helping elaine). Sorry that i forgot the name.
Yet I haven't start any assignments and did not pay attention in classes! =/
I will update about both events no matter how busy am I.
Now gonna go for practice.

Stay tuned peeps. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October babies.

This post is gonna be short because I'm lazy.
YEAH,i always lazyyyyy. lol.

Alright, Char and I followed Elaine to attend the bloggers party for the celebration of jason chan's, Mike's and Jeremy choy's birthdays at Gaja Bistro & Cafe, Maarof Junction.
Thanks to Elaine for driving us there! ♥
Meeting new people is one of my favourites so i would like to attend more events if i'm able to. (:
Gonna share some pictures here,if ya want to see more, pls visit elaine's blog (click on the link above).
I'm sorry for being so lazy at the moment. hehe.

I'm so sorry for the blur pictures below,seriously! >.<



That's all for now, i'm gonna update again later (hopefully it can be done).

"Be you. Find you. Be happy with that."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Uniqueness in every place.

I promised I'm gonna update soon in Facebook and friends but I'm so sorry for updating so late!!!
Seriously, life now is not as busy as when classes are on yet boredom is killing!!!
Alright,since i promised to update about 'Malacca with Charmaine', so do finish this post if you were waiting for it because this post gonna be long and with quite a number of pichasssss. =p

Traveled to Malacca all alone from KL after bro's birthday celebration, not a very long journey thou.
Arrived there in approximately 2 hours plus.
Charmaine and I, we were so happy seeing each other! *hugss
That was the second time I been Malacca, the first time was when i was 10? lol.

She brought me to this Café called Nadeje Patisserie to eat the Mille Crepe Cake (layer cake) which she has been telling me how delicious is it ages ago!

I seriously hope that my stomach was bigger, because its taste is amazing!
Seriously people, I could taste and feel the layer, layer by layer! =D
A slides of heaven,thumbs up for that! 
I love the place, small but comfortable.

 Babe (:

Had some movie and shopping sessions, met Soon and got our manicure!


My pink leopard! (focus only on the

loves her dimples.

Went to this very very simple and family-like restaurant, sorry for cannot remember the name of the restaurant.
I was really happy, because good food always make me happy! Very very nice steak there, seriously serious!
More pictures (:


mine (another mistake picture,probably couldn't wait to eat!)

It was just a 2 days trip,so kinda rush.
I would love to visit again! Seriously,i love good food!!!
There are lotsa good food there that i still haven't try yet! =pp
Thanks to babe, driving me around with her pink car. Opps,it is dazzling red. LOL

And of course,thanks for the overnight at her house!
Nice house.

there is a piano behind me. =p

I finally updated! Phew~
There is more to update,definitely.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

His birthday ♥

Saki: We never count with each other okayyyy..
Calvin: Of course, we are family..

I love that line,seriously.
And there is another line from him, " We are friend,but we are like family,^^"

I can never forget.
He is Lee Mun Hon, you can call him Calvin, my brother. LOL

Happy BIRthDay!!! *well,this post is kinda late i know.
I seriously hope you like the present.
And of course the celebration.
Wish ya all da best ok!

More pictures (:




mine (big mistake of this


Again,Happy birthday brother!!!!

From ur sis,
Saki LEE.

There are more pictures,but not with me.
They are coming!! =P

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hi peeps!

My eyes look terrible i know!! >.<

The very first post here (new blog)!!
Im so dumb, i've been editing the blog since last night til now. but, you see! FAILED!
Im gonna do again later,seriously not now. LOL. Kinda sick of it right now.
Well, i do have another blog, saki, feel free to view it. It is artifact.(:
I actually have more to post,but i don't want to stuff all the words and pichasss in one entry.

Next post gonna be:
Bro's birthday celebration
Malacca with Charmaine!